Installing a Padel court: the 4 crucial stages of building work

installing a padel court - Building and civil engineering

Thorough preparation of the court is essential if you are to install a Padel court properly! Before the first post is laid, several steps must be followed to ensure a flat surface that is perfectly suited to the installation of a Padel court. Visit Work and PadelWe understand the importance of this preparatory phase, which is why we have brought this process in-house with our subsidiary WP Construction, so that we can offer you complete support from A to Z for your Padel project.

Steps to take before installing a Padel court :

1. Declaration of works and technical feasibility study

The first essential step is to carry out a preliminary declaration of work with the local council. This ensures that the installation of the padel court complies with local regulations. At the same time, a technical feasibility study must be carried out to assess the viability of the project and identify any constraints.

2. Calculation note and soil survey

Once feasibility has been confirmed, a detailed calculation report and an in-depth soil study are carried out. These analyses enable us to define the specific characteristics of the site so that we can install a high-quality, durable Padel court. This also enables us to put a figure on the cost of all the building and civil engineering work required to prepare the surface for the installation of a quality padel court.

3. Earthworks and paving

Earthworks are a key stage in preparing the site for the Padel structure. This involves shaping the ground to the requirements of the project, ensuring that the surface is perfectly flat and stable. Once the earthworks have been completed, the reinforced concrete stringers and porous concrete slab are poured to ensure a solid, uniform base, ready for the installation of a Padel court.

All these stages must be carried out in compliance with the standards set by the French Tennis Federation (FFT)), guaranteeing the quality and safety of the padel court.

Once these steps have been successfully completed, the work is not yet finished - it's time to move on to installing the Padel structure! An equally important step is choosing your Padel court.

There are various options to consider, including the type of structure: classic, panoramic or full panoramic. In addition, you'll need to choose from a variety of options for your pitch, such as gates, surfacing, the addition of a cover (fixed or removable) and even personalised engraving. Finally, the choice of turf is crucial, with options such as fibrillated, monofilament or textured turf. It's essential to take these elements into account to create a Padel court that perfectly suits your needs and preferences, offering the best possible playing experience for players.

Work and Padel: your trusted partner for your Padel project

At Work and Padel, we pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way with your Padel project. Thanks to our expertise in the field of Padel and our integrated subsidiary 100% WP Construction, we are able to advise and guide you throughout the process, from design to installation of the Padel court. With a single point of contact dedicated to your project from start to finish, you benefit from personalised follow-up and efficient coordination! By choosing us, you're opting for excellence and peace of mind.

Installing a Padel court is a complex process that requires technical expertise and attention to detail. With Work and Padel, you can be sure that every aspect of your project will be handled with professionalism and dedication.

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