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Dorian Bargigli

Founder and President of Work and Padel

Work and Padel


Founded in 2017 by Dorian Bargigli, Work and Padel initially focused its development on the notion of Well-Being at work, by running Padel spaces in companies, for employees. Combining Sport and Quality of Life at Work: that was the W&P DNA!

After having deployed the original concept in the South of France for 4 years, Work and Padel diversifies and accompanies since 2022 all Padel project holders in their development phase!

"Work and Padel is an incredible experience, full of opportunities, encounters, challenges and moments of success! Together with my partner Robin Racassa and our teams, we are ready for the next chapter of this great adventure!

Work and Padel

A human and sporting story

Nov. 2017

Creation of the Work, Padel & Wellness concept by Dorian Bargigli with the launch of the 1er site at HOPPS Group in Aix-en-Provence (13)

Sept. 2018

Due to the success, deployment on a 2nd site : Château de la Pioline in Aix-en-Provence (13)

Dec. 2019

1era fundraising to strengthen the team and open up to other markets.


Launch of the subsidiary Work&Event, which enables a post-Covid rebound.

Jan. 2022

Revolution at Work and Padel, with the creation of a global and innovative offer around 4 pillars: INSTALL - FINANCE - ANIMATION - SUPPORT.

Oct. 2022

Takeover of CS Construction, an expert in the construction industry, and expansion of the teams.

Jan. 2023

Deployment of the new concept and development abroad (Belgium, Morocco).

Work and Padel

A human and sporting story


Creation of Work and Padel, with the launch of the first Work and Padel HOPPS site in Aix-en-Provence in early December.


Installation of two new spaces, including the Voyage Privé headquarters (Aix-en-Provence) and the setting up of an ephemeral pitch at Docks Village in Marseille.


(R)evolution at Work and Padel, with the global redesign of our corporate identity and the creation and deployment of the 2.0 concept based on our 4 development pillars: INSTALL - FINANCE - ANIMATE - SURROUND.



Deployment of a second site, at the Château de la Pioline in Aix-en-Provence.


Arrival of COVID and temporary cessation of our activities. Creation of an events branch "Work and Event" in 2021, in order to diversify and review the business model.


Takeover of WP Construction (BTP subsidiary) to offer a turnkey service from A to Z.
Deployment of our model abroad (Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, etc.).


A discipline halfway between tennis and squash, Padel is played on a small court surrounded by glass walls. In vogue for the last 3 years, it has all the assets to become THE reference SPORT of the 21st century: fun, friendly and easy to access!

Why should you bet on Padel?


A fashionable sport

With its status as a "trendy" discipline, Padel is an extremely powerful ROI tool: customers come directly to you!


A very accessible sport

Very quick to learn, friendly and less physical than its "cousins", Padel brings together all generations, all social classes, all profiles!


A sport that adapts

Easy to install, with different structures available, the court can be dismantled in 72 hours... The only risk you take by choosing Padel is that you might become addicted !

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