A complete AND VARIED offer

Our aim is to offer you a complete catalogue of products to meet all your needs, and to provide you with the ultimate Padel experience thanks to numerous additional products. Our common goal: to delight the customer experience!

Our flagship product: the removable cover

The official distributor of this patented product, the electric retractable roof ensures optimum use of your Padel court, whatever the weather.

With our covers, there are no more problems with occupancy rates! So you can concentrate on the main thing: your turnover!

Elegant, mechanised, unique, discover how our latest generation of removable covers work.

removable cover for padel court
removable cover for padel court
Additional solutions

The must-haves for your PADEL court

reservation centre for your padel court

The central reservation office

Facilitate the user experience with a powerful, intuitive and ergonomic management software.

digicode for your padel court

Automated access

Protect your grounds and simplify access to the game with an automated and secure solution using a digicode.



Secure your sports complex efficiently and give your customers peace of mind with our integrated security solutions.

equipment for your padel court

The equipment package

Take advantage of the latest equipment and efficient after-sales service to offer your customers the best.

But also other solutions to complete your offer.

The maintenance package

The ephemeral cloakroom

Endonora: audio-guided running course

TV Experience

Our pillars

Install. Finance. Animate. Surround.