Optimising the installation of Padel courts: the case of the 2 Club Med Opio courts

installation of Padel courts - Club Med Opio

Installing padel courts is a crucial investment for leisure clubs such as the Club Med Opio. These infrastructures offer attractive playing areas that can boost the leisure offer and attract a varied clientele. Padel is a fast-growing sport, and the installation of padel courts is a real asset for diversifying the activities offered by holiday villages and bringing them many advantages (Integrating padel courts into leisure and entertainment groups). However, for these facilities to reach their full potential, it is essential that they are carefully designed and built to ensure their long-term functionality and sustainability.

Challenges encountered at Club Med Opio

In 2022, Club Med Opio decided to install two ephemeral Padel courts to improve its leisure facilities and test the popularity of this racquet sport. Unfortunately, problems soon arose: blisters formed on the artificial turf, making the pitches impassable. That's why Club Med Opio called on us to replace the synthetic surface of the two padel courts.

After analysing the situation and visiting the site to find the cause of the problem, our experts discovered that the Padel courts had been installed on top of an old tennis court without removing the existing surface. As a result, in the event of heavy rain, water stagnated between the two surfaces, causing the synthetic turf on the Padel courts to detach.

The Work and Padel solution

Instead of simply replacing the artificial turf, we recommended a more complete and sustainable solution. After explaining the situation to Club Med Opio, we gave them a quotation for a complete re-surfacing of the reception area for the padel courts. This involved removing the existing tennis surface and adding reinforced concrete stringers to ensure the long-term stability of the Padel structure.

Initially reluctant to invest further in repairing the pitches, Club Med Opio simply wanted to replace the artificial turf. However, after several in-depth discussions, they realised the importance of solving the problem at source. In the end, they decided to follow our recommendations and proceed with the complete reconstruction of the court supports, including the addition of stringers to make the padel courts permanent!

The importance of expert advice on installing Padel courts

The story of Club Med Opio highlights the importance of considering all aspects of installing a Padel court. As experts in the field, our role at Work and Padel goes far beyond installation. We are committed to advising our customers on best practice and providing sustainable solutions to ensure superior playing surfaces.

If you're thinking of installing a Padel court, trust our team to guide you every step of the way, from design to completion, to create the ideal Padel project for your leisure group!

It is essential to understand the intricacies of construction and to ensure that all elements are taken into account to guarantee a functional and durable Padel court. By choosing an expert approach like Work and Padel, leisure clubs can benefit from quality infrastructure for your customers. Thanks to our 360° offer based on four pillars (INSTALL, FINANCE, ANIMER, ENTOURER) we'll help you with your Padel project from A to Z. From start to finish, you have just one contact: Work and Padel!

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