The winning transformation : How can a "derelict" tennis court become a magnificent Padel court for your hotel?

Converting a tennis court into a Padel court

Is your old tennis court, which used to be busy, now completely unused by your customers? Turn this situation into a winning opportunity by installing a Padel court for your hotel. This change can optimise the existing infrastructure, improve your customer experience, offer a variety of leisure experiences and ensure long-term profitability.

1. Optimising existing infrastructure

A tennis court can be converted into a Padel court with minimal adjustments (by following the standards established by the FFT), so it can be installed quickly and efficiently. The Padel's compact dimensions adapt easily to existing space, minimising costs and maximising use of existing infrastructure.

2. Improving the customer experience

By offering a Padel court, you create a friendly meeting place for hotel guests. This allows you to offer a fun activity that is accessible to all, to create links between holidaymakers and also to offer an original team-building activity when organising seminars.

3. Diversified offering

By transforming a tennis court into a Padel court, you can offer a diversified leisure experience. Attract a wider customer base by offering a unique sporting alternative. This diversification of the offer will attract new customers.

4. Long-term profitability

Compared to the creation of a new Padel court, the conversion of a tennis court has a limited initial investment. This translates into long-term financial benefits. Lower costs combined with increased demand make Padel a profitable option for your hotel. What's more, you can minimise your costs by investing in Long-term rental of a Padel court.

Transforming a "derelict" tennis court into a Padel court for your hotel is a winning strategy. By optimising the existing infrastructure and offering a variety of leisure experiences, you position your establishment as an attractive, modern destination. Start your journey to winning transformation today! At Work and Padel, we can support and guide you through your Padel project from A to Z, discover our 360° offer°.

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