Zero investment, maximum entertainment: Long-Term Rental of Padel Courts for Hotels and Resorts

Long-term rental of a Padel court

When you're considering installing a Padel court in your hotel, Operational Leasing becomes not just an option, but an exclusive opportunity thanks to our Operational Leasing offer at Work and Padel. This unique approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of Padel without committing significant initial capital, while offering you a range of exclusive benefits.

Exclusive benefits of long-term leasing

Preserving your investment capacity

Opting for long-term leasing for the installation of your Padel court means preserving your investment capacity. You avoid having to mobilise substantial financial resources, leaving you the flexibility to invest in other crucial areas of your business.

Deduction of the amount of your expenses

The monthly instalments for long-term hire can be deducted as operating costs, giving you significant tax advantages. So you can rationalise your costs while benefiting from a quality Padel court.

Reduced monthly payments for financial flexibility

Long-term hire allows you to take advantage of reduced monthly payments, making it easier to manage your budget and freeing up funds for other items of expenditure. So you can incorporate Padel into your leisure activities without any major financial constraints.

Freedom of choice at the end of the contract

At the end of your long-term leasing contract, you have a free choice. You can decide to renew the contract or explore other options. No major financial risk, giving you total flexibility.

Additional services included

With Work and Padel, long-term hire is not limited to simply installing the court. You benefit from included and additional services, enriching your Padel offer. Exclusive advantages are at your disposal to guarantee an exceptional customer experience.

Customise the Padel court to your specific needs

Choosing the type of land

With Work and Padel Long Term Rental, you have the freedom to choose the type of court that best suits your specific needs. Whether indoors or outdoors, customise your court to suit your needs.

Additional products to complete your Padel offer

Customisation goes beyond the court itself. You can also choose from a range of additional products to complete your Padel offering. From a central management system to automated access to the court and connected equipment lockers, personalise your Padel space to offer a unique experience. To find out more, click here, discover our catalogue of additional products.

In conclusion, with Work and PadelLong-term hire of Padel courts becomes an exclusive experience. By opting for this unique solution, you preserve your investment capacity, benefit from tax advantages and enjoy reduced monthly payments. The freedom of choice at the end of the contract, the services included, and the complete customisation of the court make Operational Leasing an essential option for maximising your establishment's entertainment facilities at a low price!

Already many hotels have invested in a Padel court to diversify their leisure offer and improve the customer experience, why not you?

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